Which concealed carry class is good for me?

It’s the start of your day, so you turn on the news to get current on events.  Story after story about violence and crime around the world, some of these stories are in your own backyard!  A little too close to home. Later in the day, you’re on you social media page to escape into the funny memes and inspirational quotes your friends have posted and an ad pops up ; a concealed carry class!
If you already own a firearm, you know the responsibilities that come with it, but is this class for you?  What can I expect and which class is the right one for me?
Let’s explore the options currently available.
Just the facts, and nothing but the facts.
There are many classes that are inexpensive and last around two to three hours.  These are the classes usually offered at local gun shows and events.  You will learn many of your rights, responsibilities, and the current laws of your state, but likely never handle or ever even see a firearm.  These classes are perfect for the seasoned gun owner who has already had some sort of firearms training, military personnel, or even law enforcement experience.  If you choose this option, and have minimal firearms knowledge, it is still your responsibility to learn how to use your firearm responsibly. You will be held accountable for any mishaps or accidents while carrying one, ignorance is not a defense.
There is always the online version of the concealed carry license training!!  This one is scary.   You could, literally, not know the muzzle from the backstrap and still get a permit to carry a loaded handgun on your person.  Once again,  I would recommend this method of attaining a concealed permit for the seasoned shooter.  One who has had prior training and is already proficient and competent with a firearm and knows how to carry responsibly.
The NRA offers a basic pistol shooting class that will develop a new or experienced firearm owner with the proper knowledge, skills, and attitude for safe firearm handling and carrying.  Although, this course is much longer than the above mentioned, it is not solely designed for concealed carry, but it does exceed the training requirements in all states for concealed carry.
This class is designed for all levels of firearm shooters, from novice to seasoned, and will cover a variety of firearm platforms, from single action revolvers to the newest striker fired semi-auto pistols.  The focus is to teach the fundamentals of how firearms function, how to make them safe, and how to use proper fundamentals in shooting to become proficient in your shooting skills.  It also covers proper maintenance and cleaning of firearms and proper ammunition selection and storage.
So, which class is good for you?  Are you ready to take the next step in keeping you and your loved ones safe? With over 30 years of firearm training and experience, we can help! Give us a call, or check out our website for our next class!!


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