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Who We  Are

We are a home business established in 2015 with the intent of educating new shooters.  Since then our small business has added gunsmiths services and our online sales!  Being a home business allows us to pass our direct saving to our customers since we don’t have the burden of a storefront’s overhead.

Ed Lopez – Owner/ Firearms Specialist

Ed Lopez is an Army Veteran and current Federal Law Enforcement Agent with a combined service record of over 30 years.  During his ten years with the United States Army, Ed had the opportunity to attend a multitude of firearms training courses, to include several instructor courses and the Army Sniper Course.  He has also assisted as cadre for international training teams in Thailand, Japan, Panama and various other countires.  As a Federal Law Enforcement Agent, Ed has also participated in mobile training teams and has assisted in training other agents in field tactics and combative training.  He is a current National Rifle Association Firearms Instructor with countless of years of Armor and Gunsmith Experience. Ed Lopez’s dedication to service is exemplified in his attention to detail and willingness to ensure that each of his endeavors surpass expectations; whether it be during a training session or in the gun shop.

Adrienne Lopez – Owner/ Certified Firearms Instructor

Adrienne Lopez has countless of years of experience instructing clients in the field of fitness. She currently holds multiple certifications of fitness and personal fitness instructor.  She is also a current NRA firearms instructor with many years in the shooting sports arena.  Her personal training experience combined with her firearms knowledge allows her to better connect with the novice shooter, thereby aiding them to achieve the proper attitude for their shooting skills.

Our Mission

At Shenandoah Precision Gunworks, we strive to give our customers the best experience we can achieve. Whether you are purchasing your first firearm, adding to an existing collection, getting your firearm repaired, need an FFL transfer, or simply want to enhance your shooting skills. We will go above and beyond to ensure you achieve your goals without breaking the bank. 

We, at Shenandoah Precision Gunworks are dedicated to re-establishing the right skills, attitude, and respect in gun ownership through dedicated courses in firearms training.  We focus on basic fundamentals of shooting and gradually build to a comprehensive approach to firearm self defense. We also offer various gunsmith services with focus on precision workmanship and quality service.  

Please take your time browsing through our website, if there is a service or item you need and is not listed, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll make every effort to assist you. 

Thank you,

Eduardo J. Lopez


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