We offer a variety of training courses and services with a focus on safety, accuracy and customer service.   


Firearm repair and Gunsmith Service

Firearm repair and Gunsmith services with an emphasis on customer service and precision workmanship.  

Private and group lessons.

Whether you feel more comfortable in an one on one training environment or would like to sponsor a training course at your facility! We are here to accommodate your needs!  

Self Defense Training courses

Specifically designed by our staff for your level of tactical or technical skills.  We offer advanced tactics, techniques and procedures for self defense and home protection derived from over 30 years of military and law enforcement experience and training.  

NRA Affiliated Courses taught by our NRA Certified instructors.

These courses are designed for anyone, from the novice shooter through the more advanced professional, the focus is always on safety and improving your knowledge, skills and attitude for proper firearm handling and range operations.  Courses range from a 4 hour  to 8 hour class with optimal range time.  

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